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Move Over Will Smith

The idea of “if we aren’t happy, then we’re doing life wrong”, isn’t being discouraged enough..

Does it seem that too often when sadness or disappointment affects our lives, words like “cheer up!” are shared? Along with the idea that happiness is our default position and when another feeling takes it’s place, we are to fight and escape from it as soon as possible?

Life isn’t neat. We all want to be eternally happy, but when those low places happen, they should, if not more, be considered more intentionally. It’s those valleys in life that mold us. Pursuing joy should be initial and ever-going. It will be what eventually brings more peaks of happiness again.

Instead of pursuing the circumstantial, flakiness of happiness that’s affected by exterior variables (people, job/relationship title, material “stuff”, etc.), I am pursuing an internal peace that resonates from thankfulness. I’m on a pursuit of joy. (Sorry Will!)


I actually really love that movie and cry every time I watch it.


“Joy is the serious business of heaven.”  – C.S. Lewis