Could you name 1000 things that you love?

You know, those small things that make up the unique, quirky self that you are. It’s those things that create those moments of instant happiness, comfort, and that affect our experience of life and the world.

  • 12. The freshness of morning light
  • 13. In the midst of a baking recipe

I recently began reading NY Times Bestseller “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp and found the inspiration for this post from Chapter 3.  In it, Ann dares the reader, in her own beautifully poetic, eloquent way, to list one thousand “gifts”..those things and moments that we love. Blessings. These “gifts” are to be written in a journal and taken along with us throughout the day.  Capturing those small moments of awe and recording them, making them into something tangible, because it is now written down, physical. It is no longer a feeling or a minute measure of time that passes..it’s now an opportunity to Give Thanks!

  • 21. Recognizing a personal strength that wasn’t known
  • 22. When a song makes me dance involuntarily 

I’m starting to realize that this daily recognizing of “gifts”, takes practice. It hasn’t been easy to record those moments in their actual time, especially in the busyness of life. Especially, in the days of mundane. I am starting to think I may need to slow down in my pursuits and activities, and to be even more present.

Ann says “Giving thanks..is ultimately an invitation to slow time down with weight of full attention.” Isn’t that something we wish we had more of? Time.

I love the image she shares to describe how our consciousness of these “gift moments” is like us wading in the opposite direction of a river flow,  and against current.

 I want my days to become a more steady stream of consciousness. Consciousness for the amount of grace that is bestowed to me. I want to slow time down! 

  • 51. warm sheets from the dryer
  • 53. a kind word of encouragement

To name these gifts and moments,  gives them meaning and value. Another thought about this naming..Is it possible that giving THANKS for EVERYTHING, could be the answer to one of the holy grail of questions, “what’s the secret to joy in life?”

To learn how to be grateful whether hands full or hands empty..”that’s a secret worth spending a life learning.”

  • 37. “happy dance” when I eat something delicious
  • 38. those movies, books, concert, events, I get so excited about and haul everyone to opening night

Aside from this current festive season of giving thanks we’re in, I just love the idea of giving value to those gift things, blessings, throughout the day, and all year round, so much. I dare you to name one thousand moments, blessings, “gifts”.. Could you!?

I’m taking the dare folks. Journal and pen in tote. Naming one thousand things I love and ultimately giving thanks through their recognition.

Instead of a generic, overarching “thank you for everything” that actually leaves me thankful for very few things, I want to see every specific gift, blessing, for what it is to me, and give thanks for each. Joy given.

  • 9. Meeting an instant friend
  • 10. Someone’s words that give me a new perspective on a thought


If you want to follow some of the naming of my daily gifts that I’m thankful for, keep on the look out for #my1kgifts in my tweets and Instagram posts. I’ve already tagged some of my pics from this year and then some, with the subject I’m grateful for. Join me in using the same hashtag if you’d like, too!

 Twitter: @amymbley // Instagram: Amy Bley


Voskamp, Ann. (2010) One Thousand Gifts. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan. 


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