Do you know what you’re known for? Do you know what it’s like to be on the other side of you?

We’re all known for different things in the various circles and communities we are involved in..family, friends, professional, and even online.  A lot of what we’re known for is due to our past and consecutive patterns of actions/inactions, decisions, and how we’ve made those in our circles feel. Our “known” is part of how these circles recognize us.


I did a little research on the word known. (I like words..) ..known is the past participle of know. (I have a reason for this explanation! Stick with me.) This makes me think, if known can be considered to things in the past, than those “things” that we were once known for, can evolve..if we want them to. We aren’t super glued to our past patterns. Super glue does eventually lose it’s hold. We can grow, adjust, and learn new patterns if we want! I think it’s freeing to think our past doesn’t have to dictate our path and future. We can live the life that’s in our heart! But like all things that matter, it takes work.


Last week I volunteered at Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. Every time I’ve been asked about how the week was, “monumental” seemed like the best word to use. For those that aren’t familiar with the conference, it’s a multi-day event focused on faith driven leadership, encouragement, music and worship. The central theme for the week was: KNOWN. The speakers spoke on the topic in regards to 3 areas of being Known: identity, calling, and legacy, and as faith-filled leaders, these things should bring glory to God.


This year’s theme hit close to home for me, as I’m reflecting on my own calling, career direction, living situation, goals, and other personal places in my life. I also have my own list of things I want to be known for and recognize that these things are gifts and will be treated as so!


I’ll leave you with a few quotes that have stuck with me from the week..

“If we don’t ever really sit in our vulnerability, we will never really be known.” – Bianca Olthoff

“Does the life I lead, the one that lives inside me?” – Rebekah Lyons 

“We are not accountable for the doing, but accountable for the believing.” – Shelley Giglio

 “Be an expert. We are a generation of reading headlines, rather than articles…We need to be quiet more, to become an expert.” – Eugene Cho



(picture: guy on a soapbox. I wonder what he’s getting known for!)


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