I asked for an adventure..!

adventure: exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome.

For the past few months, I’ve been praying for an adventure that would scoop me up and take me to an exotic country, or maybe move me to a new city with bridges and lots of hills (maybe that one could still happen..).

Even though a globe-trotting adventure hasn’t presented itself to me yet, I have been dealt another kind. This adventure has me searching not busy street-side markets, landmarks where history was made, or a place that can only be reached atop an elephant or camel. It’s one of the heart and the next steps in my story.

It’s just so easy to get complacent. Settled. Maybe, lazy even. We get so comfortable, whether it be a job or how we spend our free time.. We need to remind ourselves and each other to be intentional in all we do! We aren’t going to live forever. And I’m definitely not going to be 27 forever. (in fact I have 3 more months.)

When I asked for an adventure, I thought there was going to be more mountains, stunning views, and cultural delicacies..

I’m challenging myself and want to challenge you too, to listen to your heart. I mean really listen. Listen for the things that make it beat a little faster. Did you know our hearts are most vulnerable in the late evening and early morning, after and before things get loud? Use this time to learn about yourself..and then make a decision to pursue it.

Intention. That’s my goal. To stand for I believe in, prioritize first what is important, and find out more about the things in my heart that make it beat a little faster. To connect and leverage my skills to those that inspire and encourage me. Organizations doing good. Movements of positivity. Leaders with great dreams that need extra hands and feet. And finally, share my path’s learned lessons and picked up “souvenirs” from along the way, with those I care about and that are interested. 

I want to listen for God’s GPS directions..minus the robot voice. I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I believe He will make known my next endeavors. I believe that for you, too. You just have to be willing, to listen full-heartedly, and then to pursue.

Good Luck Adventurers!Image

Photo taken in Bend, Oregon. Elevation: 8,000 ft.


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